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Trov automatically collects and values your things, so you can do more with them



the things you own

Filling your Trōv is automatic, with no manual entry required.

Email Receipts

Automatically add past and future purchases by syncing or forwarding your email receipts to your Trōv.  


Easily add things by typing a few letters to search for an item through our connected product database.

Barcode Scan

Scan a product barcode or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to automatically add items and vehicles


Your home is easily added using location/GPS or address.

Trōv Auto-ID

Snap a photo of something and extra details will be added to that item, including name, description and photos. Additional documentation, like warranties, receipts, insurance and maintenance records, can be easily added by snapping a photo.


the things you own

The things in your Trov are automatically given a value and organized into categories. Market values provided by several sources including Zillow, Blackbook and leading online marketplaces.


the things you own


List your things for sale in specialized online marketplaces


Share your favorite things with friends and family


Easily insure big ticket items and make sure your inventory is up-to-date in the event of a claim


Forget searching for crumpled up receipts and other documents, with Trov all the information about the things you own is only a few taps away!


the things you own

With bank-level security, rest assured your things are secure. You own your data
and no one can see your Trov without your permission.

Security and Privacy Policy

What People are Saying

"I became addicted once I started uploading my items. I've been meaning to create an inventory and this is so easy, thoughtfully created, and beautifully designed"

- Stacey J.

"Just like Mint stores all your finances Trov stores belongings."

- Robert W.

"The category breakdowns help you visualize where your money is spent and held in a way that is automatic and effortless"

- Dave L.
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