Discover the Value of
Every Thing You Own

Trōv automatically values and organizes your things,
so you can do more with them.


Get current market values of the things you own – automatically updated from consumer databases, online marketplaces and industry experts.


Your Trōv is organized to show you the total value of your things, along with important documents such as receipts, warranties and insurance.


With your things valued and organized, you can now do more with them, including easy selling, insuring and sharing.


With bank-level security, rest assured your things are secure. You own your data and no one can see your Trōv without your permission.

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Every Thing You Own

Filling your Trōv is automatic, with no manual entry required.

Email Receipts

Automatically add purchases by syncing your email receipts with your Trōv. *Coming soon


Snap a photo of something and the TrōvScribe team will seek out and add extra details, like description, photos and values.



Type a few letters and your Trōv will auto-complete the item through an extensive connected product database. *Coming soon


Your home is easily added using your location or address.

Barcode Scan

Scan a barcode or VIN to automatically add products or vehicles.


Every Thing You Own

Complete the Picture of Your Wealth

With Trōv you’ll get a comprehensive picture of what you own, where it’s located and what it’s worth (your Trōvworth). Our intuitive applications give you total control of your assets, empowering you to make better decisions and benefit more from all you own.

Art 25%
Cars 15%
Jewelry 10%
Computers 5%
Properties 35%
Watches 10%

Value Notifications

With Trōv you’ll be informed when events take place that affect the value of your possessions. And because you’re automatically notified, you and your advisors can use Trōv to connect to numerous opportunities that help you get more from all you own.

Purchase Price
Current Value


Every Thing You Own


You want to sell an antique or another valuable? Simply select the items you want to sell, and then list them with one of our world-class marketplace partners.


Excited about that new handbag, or watch you just got? Select the items you want to show friends and invite them to take a look. They’ll see only what you want them to on their phone, tablet, or desktop.


Thinking of relocating? Since your Trōv is connected to a wide network of service providers, not only will your move be much easier, you’ll save time and money, too.


Want to know when your valuables become more valuable? You’ll be notified automatically whenever your possessions change worth. You can even set a value range that triggers the notification.


Say you just bought something valuable and want it insured: With a couple of taps, Trōv connects to your insurer so that your new purchase will be protected. And since the values in your Trōv are regularly updated, they’ll remain protected.


Want to donate the artwork you inherited? Since your Trōv maintains the information about your possessions, the process will be remarkably simplified.


Want a loan?  It’s easy to send selected details from your Trōv to one of our lending partners, and they’ll give you a quote. And because you’re a Trōv member, you’ll get better rates.


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