Dr. Jim Gemmell


Dr. Jim Gemmell, PhD, was a Senior Researcher for Microsoft, and is a world leader in the field of life-logging. He is the author of the book Your Life, Uploaded and the Scientific American article “A Digital Life.” Jim architected and led development of the entity resolution system used to power Xbox TV & Movies, as well as Bing’s Movies, TV, Celebrities, and Events.  He created the Bing flight status answer, and helped develop the Bing Twitter features.  He also represented Microsoft at the IETF standard body and became a co-author of a number of networking standards.

Jim holds PhD and M.Math degrees, with numerous scholarly publications on a wide range of topics including life-logging, multimedia, networking, and video-conferencing.  He spearheaded the creation of the Microsoft Digital Memories program that funded 14 universities and supplied them with the MyLifeBits life-logging, software that he architected and co-developed.

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