Trōv Simplifies Borrowing Against Tangible Assets

Trōv Simplifies Borrowing Against Tangible Assets

Today Trōv announced it has partnered with the leading collateral-based lenders to enable Trōv members to borrow against their personal property. Art Finance Partners, borro, Flexborrow and Suttons & Robertsons will help Trōv members unlock the value of their possessions by providing secured loans against assets stored in a personal Trōv. In doing so, members gain liquidity options that go beyond traditional financial holdings, while retaining the benefit of appreciating values of these assets.

This is one of several announcements related to the connections that are enabled as a Trōv member.

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Art Finance Partners, borro, Flexborrow and Suttons & Robertsons will help Trōv members convert unconventional assets such as fine and decorative art, antiques and collectibles into discretionary capital without requiring the sale of these assets. That means members retain the benefit of any appreciation in the value of their collection, while still enjoying the flexibility that leverage provides.

“We see the partnership with Trōv as a very natural fit,” said Christopher Krecke, Partner at Art Finance Partners. “Trōv helps individuals digitally capture, value and manage their collections, while Art Finance Partners provides them with additional buying power and liquidity when most needed. Together, we are arming Trōv members with a seamless way to unleash equity from their collections, and put those valuables to work.”

“Suttons & Robertsons has valued and held pledges against countless fascinating and exceptional items in its 240 years of business, and we are delighted to help Trōv members benefit from the value inherent in their collections,” said Scott McCree, Managing Director of Suttons & Robertsons. “Our mission is to make the loan process quick, convenient and civilized, and we look forward to bringing this same level of service to individuals who manage their tangible assets in a Trōv.”

“borro brings Trōv members a discreet, convenient and transparent way to release equity from assets over the internet,” said Tom McDermot, General Manager, USA at borro. “We secure short-term loans against a variety of personal assets, including jewelry, watches, gold, art, boat, cars, and fine wine, and any of those items stored in a Trōv are eligible for a personal asset loan at discounted lending rates.”

“We are delighted to provideTrōv members with a streamlined way to do asset-backed loans,” said Gary Brustein, President and Co-Founder at Flexborrow, and former owner of Long Island Bentley and Long Island Lamborghini. “Flexborrow offers loans against a vast range of individual or bundled assets – everything from classic cars and planes to high-end handbags – and provides Trōv members with a financing alternative, beyond bank loans.”

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Author: Jeff Berezny

Jeff Berezny heads up all things communications and marketing at Trov. His favorite things in his Trov are his Kites (kiteboarding), Mountain Bikes and latest tech.

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