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Mobility Insurance

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Enterprise Applications

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance

Launch an all-digital insurance product comprised of base subscription coverage at home plus on-demand insurance for single items. Policies are dynamic and can easily be adjusted as needed, requiring no long-term commitments. To learn more about our Renters solution with Lloyds Banking Group, click here.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

Offer modern drivers a subscription-based auto insurance product that features add-on coverages of your choosing. Our product’s end-to-end user experience is intuitive and streamlined to delight your customers.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance

Sell a highly-adaptable insurance product designed for small to medium businesses, plus those in the emerging gig economy. Our on-demand insurance platform gives businesses flexible insurance that’s tailorable to their needs, including micro-duration cover.

Single Item Insurance
Single Item Insurance

Provide a flexible insurance product that covers individual items, from cameras to bikes, for any duration the end-user requires with a simple swipe on a smartphone.

On-Demand Insurance Platform Features

  • Smart Pricing

    Dynamic pricing based on real-time data customized for any customer or vehicle.

  • Payments & Billing

    Complete payments platform providing flexible management and control from purchase to claim.

  • Policy Administration

    Efficiently manage different types of policies for multiple geographies in one place.

  • Claims Management

    Digital claims communications platform with both business and user interfaces.

  • Risk Analytics

    Advanced analytics detailing user activity, conversion, risk periods, and associated costs.

  • Fraud Detection

    Unified fraud and authentication management with customer verification across all touchpoints.

  • Secure & Compliant

    From login to log out, your information is safe and encrypted with the highest standards available.

  • API Integration

    Adaptable tech platform built for complete integration with your API.

  • Cloud-Based

    Our cloud-native platform is device and location agnostic to scale with your business.

  • “Trov is pioneering a cutting-edge approach to insurance that's ideal for ride-sharing because it's customized for every trip. We're thrilled to collaborate with Trov to unlock the full potential of shared mobility.”


  • “As a mobility provider, our partnership with Trov’s responsive insurance technology fits perfectly within our business model.”

    Michel Stumpe, CEO & President, Vice Chairman of the Board

    Groupe PSA/Free2Move

  • “Our longstanding global relationship with Trov has led to unprecedented innovations in the insurance industry. Adaptable, smart insurance for an ever-changing world is here.”

    Andy Rear, CEO

    Munich Re’s Digital Partners

  • “We get a 30 percent saving over traditional insurance, so from an operational point of view we are learning to be very efficient.”

    Larry Dominique, CEO

    Groupe PSA North America