How Trov Swipes Away Travel Stress

Posted in SIC, on 08/22/2018

How Trov Swipes Away Travel Stress

Don’t let your stuff hold you back from enjoying your best holiday. Here's how Trov makes travelling less stressful.

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Summer is the time to get away and go on a trip, whether it’s a city break to Paris or weekend jaunt to the Stonehenge or Loch Ness.

Maybe you’re keen on something bigger, like a hop, skip, and a jump over to the Canary Islands in Spain or a camping trip to Botswana, Prince Harry’s favourite childhood spot to go on a safari under the African moon with Meghan.

“City breaks” recently overtook “beach trips” as the most popular type of holiday taken in 2017, according to the Holiday Habit Report by ABTA, with 53% of Brits taking a city break and 41% taking a beach trip in 2017. Similar numbers are expected for this year.

The UK’s top travel destinations has Spain at the top of the list, with 14.68 million visitors in 2016, according to ONS statistics published by In second place, France had 8.54 million UK visitors, followed by Italy with less than half that number, at 4.09 million visitors.

The data indicates that travellers seem to prefer Europe for holidays this year (Asia was the continent of choice last year), as further data below confirms.

The Top 10 Cities Where People in the U.K. Want To Go in 2018

The Independent worked with travel search engine Kayak to extract data on the top trending destinations of 2018. These places were among the top 100 searches on the site and had the greatest increases in search volume in 2018 compared to past years.

  1. Maui, Hawaii — 51% increase in searches
  2. Barcelona, Spain — 35% increase in searches
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands — 27% increase in searches
  4. Bali, Indonesia — 27% increase in searches
  5. Lisbon, Portugal — 25% increase in searches
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada — 21% increase in searches
  7. Athens, Greece — 20% increase in searches
  8. Madrid, Spain — 20% increase in searches
  9. Paris, France — 18% increase in searches
  10. Rome, Italy — 17% increase in searches

So whether you’re sipping on a relaxing Cosmopolitan under a parasol on the beach in Barcelona, or dipping into a clear water lagoon in the Hawaiian islands, there are many reasons travelling is fantastic.

But let’s be honest: not every trip is as calming as the Soul Circus (yoga music festival in Elmore, The Cotswolds). Travel can be stressful. Increased expenses, lost items, lost people, foreign road signs—it can be a little much sometimes.

When we started Trov, we had travellers in mind because we believe that travel stress can be replaced with travel confidence, specifically around our valuables.

Because here’s the truth: When we travel, our stuff holds us back.

We don’t take our camera under a thundering waterfall, we don’t bring our smartphone to the club, we play our guitar in the hotel room instead of going to the park at sunset… Yes, we should always be diligent with our prized things, but if we let our possessions control what we do, we miss out on the best of life.

Instead of tailoring your travel plans to your stuff, tailor your things to your plans.

Imagine you’re on a kayaking trip alongside grazing elephants as you paddle down the Zambezi river on an African safari. Your eye catches one of the cute calves nuzzling under its mother’s chin. Your camera is tucked away safely up front, but it’s out of reach. It might tip the boat if you try to get it. You debate if it’s worth it. Suddenly, you remember that you turned on Trov insurance for the camera while boarding the plane. You lunge for the bag, snag it with your hand, and the boat careens to the side. You look like a tightrope walker, flapping your arms wildly in the air. Just before it tips, you sit back in your seat, and the boat stabilises. You quickly flip on your camera narrowly in time to capture the affectionate moment between the elephant family.

Had you not turned on Trov, you might not have reached for the camera, or even brought it at all.

How Trov Works

You already know that insurance helps with accidental damage, loss, theft, and out-of-warranty mechanical breakdown, but Trov’s on-demand insurance lets you swipe insurance on and off as you wish. On the fly!

Swipe on insurance temporarily for your camera, your phone, or your Apple Watch while you’re travelling, so you don’t have to worry at all during the trip. Then, go have fun.

If something happens, NBD! Filing a claim is fast and easy in the Trov app. Worried about cost? Just swipe to turn off coverage, and you will only be charged for the time it was on, down to the penny so you don’t overpay, as you probably would in a long traditional policy.

The best part? Trov works everywhere in the world. One policy for all your stuff, all controlled from an app on your smartphone. This flexibility makes Trov a must-have tool for tech travellers.

Want to blog in the woods as you search for the piano hide-out at Wilderness Festival this year? Protect your laptop with Trov and gallivant away.

Hop around the Greek Islands with your iPhone insured by Trov and worry not. Get that incredible shot.

The bachelor party in Amsterdam is going to be off the hizzook (do people say hizzook anymore?)! But do you dare wear your Android watch? Flick on Trov, raise a glass at Café Hoppe and let it emanate from your high wrist above the crowd.

So whether you’re a cyclist, fashionista, or walking history buff, Trov’s on-demand insurance gives you confidence with your things to live any adventure, anywhere in the world, with one hundred per cent peace of mind.

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