Introducing, the UNTETHERED

Posted in News & Updates, on 03/22/2018

Introducing, the UNTETHERED

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Today, we’re excited to officially launch the UNTETHERED, a global ambassador program, composed of a community of makers, movers, and doers that show us the endless possibilities when individuals are free from common societal constraints. The inaugural class features 24 passionate activists, adventurers, photographers, athletes, entrepreneurs and all-around innovators from across the globe. This is just the beginning for us, as we look forward to welcoming many more people who adopt the UNTETHERED mantra.

Much like our customers, the UNTETHERED depend on the tools that keep them going every day. Whether it’s a camera, a laptop or other specialized equipment, they need to know that whatever they’ve got with them is protected wherever they go, whenever they need it. These individuals represent the ideals that many of us strive for as a community, showing us just how far we can push our limits.

Our On-Demand Insurance platform is designed to provide customized insurance that works for the needs of the UNTETHERED community and their peers. With a simple swipe, people can instantly turn insurance on (or off) for an individual item. Items protected through Trov are covered against accidental damage, loss, and theft anywhere in the world (currently available for our UK Customers only).

Standing at the helm of the UNTETHERED, Ryan Kingman has joined the Trov team to bring the stories of this ambitious group of people to life. As Co-Founder of breakout brand Stance Socks, Ryan previously established its global ambassador program that helped propel the company to success.

Starting today, the UNTETHERED will be sharing their stories through original content, including videos, photography, blogs, Instagram stories, limited edition zines, events and more.

Earlier this week, we took four members of the UNTETHERED to The Photography Show in Birmingham, England to share their experiences with attendees through interactive sessions. This talented group then traveled to London where they documented their unique UNTETHERED interpretation of the city, creating content for release later this year.

We can’t wait to introduce you to each and every one of these individuals and look forward to expanding this community.

To learn more about the UNTETHERED, head over to Interested in joining the UNTETHERED movement? Be sure to follow us on social and join our mailing list to receive exclusive content from this group, including original work, VIP access to events, pro tips, and loads more.

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