iPhone Price Guide: Where to Sell Used iPhones at the Best Price

Posted in on 09/17/2015

iPhone Price Guide: Where to Sell Used iPhones at the Best Price

Selling an old iPhone? Use this iPhone price chart comparing sale prices for Amazon, eBay, Gazelle, and NextWorth.

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After Apple’s big announcement, many fans are looking to trade in for the newest iPhone. Looking to unload your iPhone and want to make sure you’re getting the best price?

If you want to sell your old phone, we decided to do some research for you to make sure you get the best price possible. We checked out four major resale markets for the pricing scoop on unlocked iPhone 5’s and 6’s: Gazelle, Amazon, NextWorth, and eBay.

Tl;dr: you’ll get a lower price and an easier selling experience on Gazelle and NextWorth, and a higher price with more work on your part on Amazon and eBay.

Why You Should Sell Your iPhone at NextWorth or Gazelle

In general, if you’re looking for a quick, friendly way to sell your phone, your best bet is to check out NextWorth and Gazelle first. They both offer a simple 3-step process, first asking you questions about the condition and model of your phone to determine sale value, guiding you through how to send it in, and then paying you once the phone has arrived and been inspected. You can get started with your value quotes right now by comparing your iPhone model at Gazelle and your iPhone model at NextWorth. The downside? As fast, guaranteed intermediaries smoothing your phone’s journey between you and any eventual buyers, they do buy phones at slightly lower price points than what you might be able to get by selling directly on eBay or Amazon.

Why You Should Sell Your iPhone at eBay or Amazon

If you’re looking to sell your used phone for the highest possible price, head on over to eBay or Amazon. Check out our chart below, as well as unlocked iPhones on Amazon and unlocked iPhones on eBay, to decide how you’ll price your phone. Do keep in mind, however, that the high selling prices in these markets are balanced by the consideration that you will be doing the work of listing your phone and handling the sale process directly with a buyer. You’re also not guaranteed to sell your phone this way, and it’s possible that you could end up holding on to it for longer than you’d like.

Here’s a breakdown of pricing for the specific iPhone models as of September 2015:


Knowledge is power, and now you’ve got the got numbers. Whether you’re looking to sell with minimal hassle or get top dollar for your phone, these iPhone valuation charts will help you do the math on which market to target.

If you like this kind of data and want to keep track of the changing value of your things, including your new iPhone, you can monitor these values through the Trōv app (download for iOS and for Android), which organizes your things and keeps track of worth trends for you. Happy Trōving!

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