New on Trov iOS 3.11: Easy view values & quantities

Posted in News & Updates, on 09/17/2015

New on Trov iOS 3.11: Easy view values & quantities

What's new on Trōv iOS 3.11: Easy view values and quantities

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We’re keeping our mid-summer update pretty low key as we have some big features coming in the Fall, but you’re still sure to love these little changes!

Trōv 3.11 on iOS makes it easier to view the value and quantities associated with the different categories of your things by adding them straight to your primary “My Trōv” screen, plus now our US users can easily add their vehicle using our easy-add wizard instead of by VIN only (Australia, you guys have had this one for a while).

Check out the updates in our feature video below. The update is now available in the App Store (US, Australia, and the UK), so if you haven’t already, head to the App Store and take a peek!

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