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Trov Is Now Live in 13 States

Our biggest stateside launch expands Trōv's US presence.

Today, we are announcing our biggest statewide release of On-Demand Insurance for Americans yet: Trov is now available in eight more states! These include:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas
  3. District of Columbia (not a state, we know, you fact-checkers)
  4. Georgia
  5. Hawaii
  6. Iowa
  7. Michigan
  8. Tennessee

This brings the total number of states where Trov is available to 13 states—covering 16.23% of the total US population, according to the most recent data (2018) from the US Census Bureau.

What this means

On-Demand Insurance is a new technology-powered way to insure your personal items whenever and wherever you want. Trov’s engineers, insurance professionals, and designers disassembled the core
“atoms” of insurance—something that hasn’t been done in hundreds of years—and rebuilt insurance with smart technology from the ground up. The result is a remarkably simple experience—imagine the ease of Spotify and the swiping of Tinder—for insurance.

If you live in one of these states, you now have full access to this experience through Trov’s app on iOS and Android. Simply snap and upload photos of the things you want to insure—headphones, DSLR cameras, guitars, and thousands of other items from everyday tech to sports to music—and turn insurance on and off as you please. You never pay for coverage you don’t use because Trov measures coverage down to the second. Also with Trov, your premiums adjust automatically based on an item’s market value. This means you won’t pay based on outdated assessments (i.e., the value of the item when you first bought it new).

Many of our users around the world like swiping right on Trov to protect their gear on a trip, or as a replacement for the extended warranty right after a big purchase.

The bigger picture

This continuation of our state-by-state US roll-out is only a step forward on a much larger roadmap. As the world-leader in On-Demand Insurance, Trov builds innovative digital insurance products for modern consumers and emerging businesses. This year, our platform and partners are taking new shapes as we expand into verticals including the gig economy, fleet mobility and “last-mile” transportation (i.e., scooters and bikes), and passengers and items traveling in autonomous vehicles. Trov is designing flexible, transparent, and smart insurance for today’s increasingly dynamic societies and transformative technologies. Our On-Demand Insurance is “in demand” (hehe) so you can expect to see new products, partnerships, and states announced later this year.

How you can help

If you live in one of these 13 states, come celebrate with us and share this announcement with your community to let your friends know Trov’s revolutionary On-Demand Insurance is available starting today!

Not a resident of these states? Hold tight, we’re on our way. Meanwhile, you can view our interactive launch map of the United States to get notified when Trov is available in your state.

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