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Powering insurance that empowers businesses

Your fleet protected at every turn.

Trōv meets your insurance needs everywhere you are and is flexible enough to adapt and change with unprecedented levels of precision and visibility.

Our On-Demand Insurance is custom built for modern fleets and multi-modal transportation, using real-time data from connected vehicles to match each moment’s level of risk with the appropriate level of insurance coverage, down to the second, so you never overpay.

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Driving Driving Parked Driving Driving Parked
0.2 miles 10 miles - 0.1 mile 12 miles -

Trōv Mobility Platform

We protect your fleet and your business.

Good for your bottom line

Real-time data and risk analytics

Entirely digital claims management

Rapidly deployable and globally scalable

Fit for any type of fleet.

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Let’s get your business moving.

  • “Innovative technology needs innovative partners. Trov is pioneering a cutting-edge approach to insurance that's ideal for ride-sharing because it's customized for every trip. We're thrilled to collaborate with Trov to unlock the full potential of shared mobility.”


  • “We get a 30 percent saving over traditional insurance, so from an operational point of view we are learning to be very efficient.”

    Larry Dominique, CEO

    Groupe PSA North America

  • “Our longstanding global relationship with Trōv has led to unprecedented innovations in the insurance industry. Adaptable, smart insurance for an ever-changing world is here.”

    Andy Rear, CEO

    Munich Re's Digital Partners

  • “As a mobility provider, our partnership with Trov’s responsive insurance technology fits perfectly within our business model.”

    Michel Stumpe, CEO & President, Vice Chairman of the Board

    Groupe PSA/Free2Move

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