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Trōv’s Mobility Insurance Platform sits at the intersection of technology and insurance. As a licensed digital broker with deep technical expertise, we combine powerful software with bespoke insurance products to solve the complex risk management challenges facing companies in emerging mobility and gig work.

Together with our network of industry leading insurers, 
we enable you to:

Ride Share Ride Share Scooter Share Scooter Share

Vehicle ID
Car #1 Car #2 Scooter #1 Scooter #2
Driving Parked Driving Parked
10 miles - 12 miles -

Trōv Mobility Platform

Context Based Pricing
Digital FNOL
Predictive Analytics
Fit for any type of fleet
Scooter Share
Bike Share
Car Share
Ride Share
Self-Driving Vehicles
Car Rentals
Emerging Mobility
Gig Economy
  • “Innovative technology needs innovative partners. Trov is pioneering a cutting-edge approach to insurance that's ideal for ride-sharing because it's customized for every trip. We're thrilled to collaborate with Trov to unlock the full potential of shared mobility.”


  • “We get a 30 percent saving over traditional insurance, so from an operational point of view we are learning to be very efficient.”

    Larry Dominique, CEO

    Groupe PSA North America

  • “Our longstanding global relationship with Trōv has led to unprecedented innovations in the insurance industry. Adaptable, smart insurance for an ever-changing world is here.”

    Andy Rear, CEO

    Munich Re's Digital Partners

  • “As a mobility provider, our partnership with Trov’s responsive insurance technology fits perfectly within our business model.”

    Michel Stumpe, CEO & President, Vice Chairman of the Board

    Groupe PSA/Free2Move

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